Your First Appointment

At your first visit you will be given a complete detailed examination. If necessary this may include photos and digital scans (x-rays) which are a great way for you to see, up close, the condition of your teeth and gums. The aim of your first appointment is to reveal what is happening in your mouth. We use the photos and scans to explain things in simple terms.

Once you and your dentist have discussed your treatment options, together you will decide on the best treatment plan for you; one that suits your needs and budget.

Once your mouth is healthy, we will recommend a maintenance regime aimed at keeping it that way. To this end, we have an ongoing maintenance program that involves regular dental exams and professional cleaning.

Generally speaking, most people find themselves in good health much of the time. In fact many people may never even need to see a doctor from one year to the next. Unfortunately, unlike the rest of your body, your mouth will not remain healthy for long without the proper care and attention. Plaque builds up daily and calculus builds up in a matter of months. Your hygienist will discuss with you exactly how regularly your mouth will need attention but most people require a professional clean every 6 months.

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