Children's Dentistry

With a 30% reduction in fees for all general dental for children, there is usually little gap, if any!  Furthermore, if your child is eligible for Medicare's CDBS (child dental benefits) they'll be bulk billed, up to $1000 over 2 years.  Lots of families don't realise they are eligible.  Call one of our friendly team today and they can check for you.

Baby teeth are important! They're important for speech, for chewing and biting and for appearance.  Also, they retain the space for permanent (adult) teeth. A balanced diet and good early oral care is so important to form good habits.  Children can benefit a great deal from a visit to the Dental Hygienist. The Hygienist will gently polish your child's teeth with an electric toothbrush and minty paste and can protect their teeth by applying fluoride gel, which makes the teeth more resistant to decay. 

The best part of the appointment is having the hygienist teach your child how to brush. This is probably the most common request we hear from parents. Even for children who willingly brush their teeth, having someone check how they are brushing and show them how to improve their brushing can set up good habits now in their early years that will hopefully stay with them for life.

Your child's first visit?  Some suggestions to prepare them are:

- talk positively about your own experiences

- walk past and "preview" the surgery

- read books with your child about going to the dentist

- talk to them about what the dentist will do, ie: count your teeth, teach you about caring for them, open wide etc

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