Professional Cleans

At your regular 6 monthly visit you will also receive a detailed professional clean with one of our hygienists. If the idea of having your teeth cleaned makes you nervous, you will be pleased to know our hygienists now use Oraquix; a method of pain relief without using needles. Oraquix is fast onset, reducing pain and increasing comfort. It is applied to the gums where needed for localised anaesthesia. The effects are rapid, within 30 seconds, and last for 20 minutes.

At your hygiene appointment you will receive the following

Removal of plaque – plaque is a sticky film that forms on the teeth. It is actually a growing colony of living bacteria. The bacteria produce acid that can eat into the tooth causing tooth decay.

• Removal of calculus – calculus is a hard deposit that builds up on the teeth and cannot be brushed off with a toothbrush. It harbours bacteria that produce toxins (enzymes) that inflame the gums and cause the bone loss associated with periodontal disease. This is still the leading cause of tooth loss today.  Calculus forms both above and below the gumline and can only be removed with special dental instruments like ultrasonic scalers and hand instruments.

• Stain removal – stains build up on our teeth over time. Your hygienist will polish your teeth to remove any stains that remain after scaling.

• Fluoride application – fluoride can be used to strengthen your teeth making them more resistant to further decay (like Scotchguard for your teeth!) Your hygienist will let you know if this treatment would benefit you

• Oral hygiene instruction –your hygienist will teach you how to best care for your teeth every day between visits. This is probably the most beneficial part of your appointment as knowing how to properly care for your teeth every day will keep them healthy for longer and avoid the need for costly restorative work or false teeth later in life.

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